HEM Invest LLC, Managing Member

The Managing Member of the Fund is HEM Invest LLC, a Delaware limited liability company owned and/or controlled by Emerson De Stefano. The Managing Member will manage the day-to-day affairs of the Fund and will perform all general administrative tasks for the Fund, including the keeping of the financial records, and preparation of informational returns and reports to Investing Members. The Managing Member will receive a fee for its services. See “Compensation”. However, without notice to the Investing Members, our Managing Member may retain other or additional service providers to perform the administrative services that would otherwise be performed by our Managing Member.

Emerson De Stefano, President of HEM Invest LLC

Emerson is a senior executive of operations (COO), management (CEO) and business (CSO) with more than 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, product/brand management, financial services and development of core business strategies and startups. During all these years he has worked in corporate communication industry, besides middle and large multinational companies. Emerson is Business Administration graduated, specialist in System Information, has MBA by Fundação Dom Cabral (Brazil), Associate by Kellogg School of Management (USA) and Leadership Management by Harvard Business School (USA).  He had significant participation in some critical innovation periods like in the Personal Computers internalization and the internet starting up in Brazil and L.A, with significant contribution for the market development,  including the Internet & mobile & land convergence scenario in L.A.,  innovative mobile payment method solutions with important participation in the corporate services, Artificial Intelligence for companies, people and market developments.

Marcos Rezende, Manager of HEM Invest LLC

CEO for more than 31 years; experienced in USA and Latin America countries Tax, Accounting, Audit, Financial and Corporate matters; development of core business strategies and startups. Most of the duties were performed for the companies of the holding The Way Group, involving the companies of the following sectors: Accounting/ Tax; Finance (mortgage, insurance); Import / Export; production and sale of cosmetics; long distance telecom services; Auto parts and motor oil distribution. Doctor(c) (by FCU) In Administration and Finance; MBA (by Temple University and FCU) Finance and Administration, Bachelor (by IMES) in Economics and Accounting; Finance Management (by GE) and several financial and business courses.




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